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rad cloud_backup


We know you have tons of cloud backup solutions. Here's a few reasons to use ours:

  • Our cloud backup services are set up on your machine, tested, and monitored by us, your already trusted RAD Computer Experts
  • 24/7 availability to your files from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited data storage. Yes, unlimited. Whether you have 2GB or 2TB, "unlimited" means "unlimited'.
  • Versioning is included. This means multiple copies of your files are kept by date, so if the data on your drive gets corrupted and backed up, you still have dates that can be recovered.
  • We're a local cloud. That means if you need a massive amount of data, we can courier it to you.
  • Backup Speed. Did you know that some of our RAD Cloud Backup competitors cap the speed that you can upload? If you have a terabyte of information, it could take MONTHS to get all your data secured! With us, there's no waiting. If you have a tremendous amount of data, or you're on a limited bandwidth connection, like a hotspot, we can do your initial backup on-site and add it to our Cloud for you!
  • We provide local support, so if you're experiencing an issue with your backup, we can fix it, even if it's not related to the RAD Cloud Backup software
  • Low cost Cloud Backup Solution. Our price is $15 per computer per month, flat rate, all inclusive
  • RAD Monthly Maintenance Subscribers get a discount on the cost of the RAD Cloud Backup services. They pay just $10 per computer per month. Got 10 or more computers? Call us for bulk pricing!

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